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600 UAH./day

Watering place, 19
Rooms - 2

2-room. sq. Daily! Hourly (in the afternoon)!

Waterfowl, 19 (district of B. Khmelnitsky). Owner. Price 600grn / day for 4 people (people 1 + 1 -550grn, 2 + 2 + 1 -700grn, 2 + 2 + 2 -750grn) 3 hours - 240 UAH per day. 300-500 m from the house market (VEGA), parking. Boiler, two 2-cn. bed, sofa, TV (cable), Wi-Fi, air conditioning or heater, refrigerator, microwave, dishes, bed, towels, hairdryer, washing. automatic machine. ,
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Owner: Ирина, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-10005

250 UAH./day

Rooms - 2

Apartments in the center, "Flower Market"

Business class apartment is located in the historic center of Makeyevka warm, cozy home-like, well-kept apartment is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay.
Additional services
Extra linens and towels available on Search
Additional cleaning upon request
Stove, Microwave, Refrigerator
Kettle, pots, pans, plates, glasses, cutlery, pot holders, washing machine, dining table
Owner: Татьяна, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-10004

450 UAH./day

Korneychuk, 13
Rooms - 3

Luxury apartment with 9 beds

Luxury apartment with 9 beds Big company? Do you want to feel at home or even better? Interested in a good traffic intersection and proximity to shops? If you have enough mind not to make noise at night, then to you to us !!! Cozy apartment with modern repair for 6 bedrooms Places. The abundance of furniture and household appliances will give your living maximum comfort. Only for clean people! Call now, if the time is not after 21.00 and book this paradise at any time convenient for you. P.S....
Owner: Вячеслав, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-10006
Суспільство: В Одесі із затонулого танкера «Делфі» стався витік нафтопродуктів
30 хв. матросами-рятувальниками комунальної установи "Рятувально-водолазної служби Одеської міської ради" шляхом зорового спостереження помічено витікання нафтопродуктів з танкера Delfi, що зазнав аварії поблизу пляжу "Дельфін", - йдеться у повідомленні.
Суспільство: Игорь Завадский заявил, что его заразили ВИЧ во время забора крови
Известного музыканта лечат в реанимации. Украинский аккордеонист Игорь Завадский заявил, что болен двусторонней пневмонией, которую спровоцировал СПИД. 54-летний музыкант отметил, что тест на коронавирус у него отрицательный, и сообщил подписчикам номер банковской карты.
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