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City South Apartments for daily rent by owner in the cities of Ukraine. Rental apartments and houses for rent. Reservation of apartments for a day. Apartments for rent (South)

Also, we have apartments in cities such as Donetsk, Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, from the simplest to the VIP level. Full list of all the cities you can find on our home page "Apartments for daily rent from owners - Vgosty", or, to use our heading "Handbook", with an intuitive navigation, search apartments for rent in all cities of Ukraine

250 UAH./day

Rooms - 2

2 because the square. Daily ul.Himikov 14 to 10 minutes hodby.Vse sea

Air-conditioning, washing machine, water boiler, refrigerator, microwave,
electric kettle, iron, tableware, bedding, and the 2-TV, cable TV.
Furniture, wardrobe, built a new kitchen, three beds, 6 beds.
Near supermarket "Kopeyka", paid parking, to the sea 10 minute walk.
We can meet on the machine.
July - 300.
August - 300.
Owner: Руслан, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07740

1080 UAH./day

Rooms - 2

Rent a holiday apartment on the sea

For a family vacation at sea short term rent two-bedroom. apartment in Yuzhno Odessa area.
A floor, a new home. All the amenities, hot and cold water constantly. There is air conditioning. 6 berths.
In the courtyard playground, gazebo. The yard is fenced. On the landing and courtyard Home video surveillance.
From the windows of the house a beautiful view over the Black Sea. To the sea for about 15 minutes on foot.
Good transport links with Odessa. Beside the healing Tiligul estuary.
Owner: Лариса, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07536
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Політика: Штепу зареєстрували кандидатом в мери Слов’янська
«Слов'янська виборча територіальна комісія зареєструвала мене, як кандидата на пост Слов'янської ОТГ і 38 кандидатів в депутати Партії Миру та Розвитку», - написала вона. Штепа наголосила, що зробить все, щоб в місті був мир.
Політика: Зеленский обсудил ситуацию на Донбассе и безвиз для украинцев с Трюдо
Президент Украины Владимир Зеленский и премьер-министр Канады Джастин Трюдо провели телефонный разговор, во время которого обсудили либерализацию безвизовых для украинцев, ситуацию на Донбассе и в Беларуси. Об этом сообщает APnews со ссылкой на пресс-службу Офиса президента.
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