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350 UAH./day

Chernyakhovsky, 21
Rooms - 1

For rent! Own apartment in the district of the SEC "Terminal"

Great offer! Daily, hourly, weekly! Brovary district shopping center "Terminal", "Water Park"! 1-bedroom apartment in a new building with excellent repair, new furniture, household appliances! All the conditions for a comfortable stay! Excellent infrastructure, Art. m. "The Forest" - 15 minutes. Booking, meetings - airport "Borispol" Kiev railway / train station. Reporting documents. Options for every taste - from apartments "de luxe" to...
Owner: Эмма, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07789

400 UAH./day

Str. Hrushevskoho 21
Rooms - 1

The landlord rents an apartment in Brovary!

Is offered 1-bedroom apartment in a new building, made good repair, has new furniture, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, iron, ironing board, hair dryer, internet access, bedding, towels, kitchen utensils. The apartment 5 full beds. In the courtyard parking lot, a 2-minute walk parking, park, lake, supermarket, swimming pool, fitness center, market, stop. SEC "Terminal" - two blocks away, the metro "Forest" - 15 minutes. Transfer - airport...
Owner: Эмма, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07890

7000 UAH./day

Sadovaya, 23.
Rooms - 5

I rent daily near Kiev house-suite with sauna and pool on the gum

For rent and for the summer cottage class "Suite" (full minced) in the station "Zazimier-Gardens" on the shore of the gums (10 km from Kiev), house area 250 m.KV, .3 floors, 4 separate bedrooms (13 beds) , Living room, Built-in kitchen, Banquet room for 2 bathrooms (bath and shower), Gas Security alarm). I am 100 meters. There is a bus service with Kiev to st.m.Lesnaya 20 min. Price 7GRN. Site
Adverts code 05-02777

3500 UAH./day

Zazime gardens
The room

Daily and New Year Cottage class ' Lux ' (complete or not minced)

Daily and New Year Cottage class ' Lux ' (complete or not minced) on the banks of the Desna in the NT ' Zazime gardens ' (10 km from Kiev ), 250 sq.m , 3 floor , 4 bedrooms , living room , kitchen, dining room, 2 bathroom and gas. Heating , well 70 meters , garage parking spaces and 7 . Finnish sauna , heated pool , fireplace. room furnishings Copyright design, all necessary appliances , BBQ, BBQ. Landscape design, Desna 100 meters ! Price $ 350-450 / night, two nights or more discount. $...
Owner: Ирина, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-05118

4000 UAH./day

Rooms - 6

Renting a house for rent with no commission.

Renting a house for rent in Brovary . 3 fl. , 500 sq. m. 20 hundred meters . in the cat. town near the forest , lawn, barbekyu.besedka , Banquet Hall , 40 m2 , ( Russian billiard ) and table tennis . fireplace, a sauna ( wood burning ), 5 spalen.4000grn./sutki.Bez commission!
Owner: Сергей, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-02242

810 UAH./day

Rooms - 1

Rent 1K APARTMENT FOR SHORT 10min from Cape Forest

1 BR. For sale, excellent comp., windows steklop.; sanuz. department.; in apartment furniture, all life. Technical.; code. Castle, next to Superman., stop, have a refrigerator, TV, microwave oven, washed. car, a house. tel., dvd
Owner: Антонина, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07739
Культура: Оскароносный Эдриен Броуди сыграет в третьем сезоне «Наследников»
К третьему сезону сериала "Наследники" присоединится оскароносный Эдриен Броуди - звезда фильма "Пианист". Об этом сообщает IndieWire. Броуди досталась роль Джоша Ааронсона, миллиардера-активиста и инвестора, который станет ключевым игроком в битве за владение "Waystar".
Культура: Международный кинофестиваль «Молодость» приглашает на юбилей
Экспозиция выставки раскроет чрезвычайную личность и художественный путь режиссера Феллини, который подарил всему миру волшебный образ Италии в кино. Андрей Халпахчи, художественный руководитель «Молодости», объявил программу 50-го кинофестиваля, которая будет включать до 200 кинокартин.
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